04 - The Secret to a Successful Daily YouTube Vlog: Kayleigh Noelle

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Wed Nov 26, 2014 • 31 min

Click here to be a Beauty and the Vlog insider and to gain access to our private Facebook group! Kayleigh Noelle started her YouTube beauty channel in 2010 and has over 340k subscribers and almost 9 million video views. She is a full time YouTuber and dishes the tips and tricks to doing YouTube full time and the secret to a successful daily vlog.  For show notes and more goodies head over to www.BeautyandtheVlog.com/Kayleigh Join our private Facebook community! A supportive environment for YouTubers, wannabe YouTubers, parents/managers of YouTubers and much, much more! Fill in the opt-in box! http://www.beautyandthevlog.com   Leave a review/rating on iTunes HERE! Check out the YouTube channel! www.youtube.com/beautyandthevlogtv