The Dentist

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Sun Sep 1, 2013 • 29 min

 A new dental assistant is drawn into a perplexing mystery as many of Dr. Stewart’s patients emerge from the office in a dazed stupor… a dead look in their eyes. Paranoia and dread soon take hold as she begins to suspect her kindly boss may be engaging in a terrifyingly macabre practice.  Adapted from the NIGHTFALL classic!   Written by Bill Gray  Series produced and directed by John Ballentine  Cast  Kellie Floyd  Nathan Lowell  John Ballentine  Julie Hoverson  Tanja Milojevic  Jack Ward  Music by Kevin MacLeod, John Carl Toth and Frankum  Show Notes: Special thanks to Bill Gray for allowing us to adapt his wonderfully chilling audio play from one of my favorite radio dramas of all time. [...]