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Tue Sep 8, 2015 • 32 min

After being apart for a couple of weeks, the triumphant trio sits down to catch up and chat about a number of disconnected topics! Some of these include comedian Drew Lynch on America’s Got Talent; favorite comedies; 21 Jump Street and Men in Black; Spielberg’s comments on the Superhero genre; Hateful Eight; Joaquin Phoenix passing on Doctor Strange; Stand By Me; Dave investigates just how far Trev would go to get an acting job; which acting exercise the guys and Kevin Bacon have in common; ramifications of public shaming; hunting; a serial killer in Trev’s hometown; welcome to our new FBI listeners; Bill Hader’s great; wrestlers who became actors; recent movies the guys watched; a pitch for a Bojack Horseman episode. Chat on Twitter @ActingOutPod and let them know what you think! Don't forget to head on over and rate/review the podcast on iTunes. Cheers! You can also check out the guys on the social medias: Trev - @trevorlawless on Twitter and Instagram Dave - @dinksosmall on Twitter and Instagram Shea - @SheaNorman on Twitter and @sheaclifforddravennorman on Instagram