Dangerous R&R Show 11....Shakin' the Mambo

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Fri May 7, 2010 • 58 min

It's been a little hectic over here at the Jungle Studios....funny how work gets in the way of FUN!! Guitar God Mickey Baker gets things started with his better half, Sylvia talkin' about the problems of callin' yer baby and gettin' no answer....then it's off to Detroit where the MC5 throw the shrimp on the Bar B with Ted Taylors killer Ramblin' Rose before the boys head on over to Shakin' Street where wall the kids meet.....Teddy McRae aka Mr. Bear gets some help from Mickey Baker with the DRR staple "Hi Fi Baby".....Buffalo Springfield with the still sounding incredible "Mr Soul" gets the floor groovin' for The Rogers Sisters cover of Capt. Beefhearts' "Zig Zag Wanderer".....off the Memphis for Dusty Springfield with a slight turn to the west for banjo player and bandleader Ocie Stockard via a 78 rpm on Bluebird Records.....a short Mets vs. Yankees fan rant before PG Six and the Dandy Warhols kill the first set and put screws to the coffin. Since this show was originally broadcast just before Mothers Day its fitting for Jagger and the rag tag Zombie crew known as the Rolling Stones to ask the question..."Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby?".....Wilson Pickett & the Eels put some wax on the stick so that Thee Andrew Surfers can make the shore, hodad....Mick Collins & The Gories finish you off this week.... Visit the DRR Blog @ www.DRRShow.blogspot.com and feel free to chime in with some comments.....Later, Brothers & Sisters...